The promise of Stardust get it today for 1.99

 This is a great book I read earlier this year and had to share with you when I found it on sale today.  It is lots of love story, some legal action, some medical action and a lot of what if’s.  I don’t want to give to much away then what would be the point of reading it, but to give the plot a short summary: Boy and girl are high school sweethearts who go their own way but find each other later, he’s a neurosurgeon, she’s an astronaut.  They get married and plan to fill the house with lots of happy children but the children don’t come.  As she reaches her late thirties she begs him to give a child one more chance.  A few weeks later she falls and has a brain injury that can’t be fixed, then they find out she’s pregnant, as you can imagine the rest of the books involves lots of choices and their outcomes.  This book made me laugh and cry and gave me hope and joy too.  Seriously I opened it deciding I would read the first hundred pages since i was tired and I ended up staying up to read it all in one sitting.  Did I pay for it the next day, yes, but it was worth it.  If you get a chance check it out.  I saw the deal at Amazon but sometimes Barnes and Noble has a similar deal.  Happy ReadinImageg !!

Lots of New Releases on my list

It seems that lots of my favorite authors got together and decided to put their books out very close together so that I have lots of books I want to read and lots of holiday things to do starting in a few weeks, what’s a girl to do?  May-be I’ll get the audio versions from the library and listen to some while I bake.  While I ponder how to get more hours into my day here are the new additions to my to read list. Not that this list is all inclusive by any means,  this is but a small sampling of what is going to be out in the book world by the time we close the books on 2013.  Here are the ones I plan to read although it will probably be next year for some of them.

Sycamore Row by John Grisham  Out October 22nd

Duck the Halls By Donna Andrews Out October 22nd.  The latest Meg Laslow Mystery and this one is holiday themed.

The Death of Santini by Pat Conroy Out October 29th

Ever After by Kim Harrison comes out in paperback on October 29th as well.

I’ll be home for Christmas by Jessica Scott Out November 5th.  I got to sample this one and I loved it, more on that once it is available.  It is an e reader only book and  Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have it.  I believe it is 0.99.  Well worth the cost.  A great feel good holiday story.

The All Girl filling Stations Last Reunion by Fanny Flagg Out Nov 5th.  I love her books can’t wait for another one.

the first phone call from heaven Mitch Albom Out Nov 12th.  As you can guess by the title this one will raise some questions  i got a peek at it already.  Very enjoyable and though provoking.

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich Out November 19th   Stephanie and company are back.  Also Notorious Nineteen comes out in paperback on November 19th if you missed it.

Another book on my to read list that is already released is A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods.  I loved the Chesapeake Shoes series and was sad when it ended so I really did feel like I was getting a present when I saw this.

What is on your to read list?  What upcoming releases are you looking forward to reading?

All you could ask for by Mike Greenberg

I was drawn to this book because I read a review about how good the characters were and they were female characters written by a man, not that this is unheard of I’m sure the name Pat Conroy rings a bell, and I’m only listing him because he is the first one that came to mind.  If I could remember where i read that comment about Mike Greenberg’s characters I would give credit but the source escapes me at the moment.  I did really like the book.  It is a story about three women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and how it changes their lives and forges friendships between them.  I saw the review weeks ago and honestly didn’t make the connection between breast cancer and reading it during breast cancer awareness month, but that makes this an extra good time to let you know about it.  I loved the characters, I like the fact that each woman made her choices and stood by them.  While you would expect this book to be heavy and sad based on the possibilities provided by the subject manner the characters don’t take their diagnosis lying down and all of them do their best to get back to life and move on which lends humor and grace to a heavy subject and leaves the reader at least this one feeling uplifted by having shared part of their journey.Image

What draws you to a book?

I have  to admit when I browse in the book store the covers are what draw me to a book first.  If I like the cover I check out the title and then I read the summary and sometimes the reviews if there are any.  Outside of the book store I have authors I enjoy and I check for new releases from them, besides those I follow book blogs and reviews from sites like book page, and my local library.  I have to admit my process is not fail proof there are books I pick that I can’t get through at all and then there are those I slog through hoping they will get better because I have heard good things about the book.  In truth some of them improve and some of them don’t.  Anybody else want to share how they choose the books they read?