What draws you to a book?

I have  to admit when I browse in the book store the covers are what draw me to a book first.  If I like the cover I check out the title and then I read the summary and sometimes the reviews if there are any.  Outside of the book store I have authors I enjoy and I check for new releases from them, besides those I follow book blogs and reviews from sites like book page, and my local library.  I have to admit my process is not fail proof there are books I pick that I can’t get through at all and then there are those I slog through hoping they will get better because I have heard good things about the book.  In truth some of them improve and some of them don’t.  Anybody else want to share how they choose the books they read?


2 thoughts on “What draws you to a book?

  1. I think I chose my books in a very similar way! Sometimes it works out, other, not so much. But it is always exciting!

  2. I choose my books in many ways, but honestly, if the cover is intriguing, I’m going to pick it up. I may not love it, but cover and interesting title do draw my attention a lot of the time!

    Thank you for joining the Spread the Love Linky Party! I’m glad you did, since now I know you’re blog! 🙂

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