All you could ask for by Mike Greenberg

I was drawn to this book because I read a review about how good the characters were and they were female characters written by a man, not that this is unheard of I’m sure the name Pat Conroy rings a bell, and I’m only listing him because he is the first one that came to mind.  If I could remember where i read that comment about Mike Greenberg’s characters I would give credit but the source escapes me at the moment.  I did really like the book.  It is a story about three women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and how it changes their lives and forges friendships between them.  I saw the review weeks ago and honestly didn’t make the connection between breast cancer and reading it during breast cancer awareness month, but that makes this an extra good time to let you know about it.  I loved the characters, I like the fact that each woman made her choices and stood by them.  While you would expect this book to be heavy and sad based on the possibilities provided by the subject manner the characters don’t take their diagnosis lying down and all of them do their best to get back to life and move on which lends humor and grace to a heavy subject and leaves the reader at least this one feeling uplifted by having shared part of their journey.Image


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