the first phone call from heaven Mitch Albom Release Date November 12,2013

the first phone call form heaven As you can probably guess from the title this book is going to raise lots of questions and hopefully bring answers to those that need them.  The events take place in a small town called Coldwater, but honestly it is just like most small towns ,a microcasm for the larger world.  The calls begin simply enough, five residents start receiving calls from their departed loved ones on Fridays.  The recipients vary greatly.  The police chief and his ex wife get calls from their son, Tess gets calls from her departed mother who she spent years caring for.  Kathyn  gets calls from her departed sister, a local builder gets calls for a former employee.  Kathryn is very vocal about her phone calls first with her Pastor and the congregation then with Amy Penn a regional news reporter.  As you would expect the residents of Coldwater are not sure what to make of the events, Are they real?  Can we prove it?  What if someone is playing a cruel joke?  And if the calls are real does this change how i feel about heaven?  As the calls continue and the media coverage grows the town comes together as all small towns do.  Sully Harding finds himself at the middle of the muddle.  Sully is a former Navy test pilot who just finished serving a 10 month sentence for flying while under the influence.  He crashed with another plane although no one was hurt and he and the other pilot swear they were given the same landing coordinates by the control tower, but flight controller is dead, the tapes and recording devices on the planes and in the tower are damaged and there is just no real way to know what happens.  In spite of all the questions surrounding the plane crashes the navy finds him guilty.  He returns to Coldwater, where he grew up to try to put his life back together for his son’s sake if not for his own.  Like all children Sully’s son Jules wants to know if his mother is going to call from heaven.  Sully’s wife was badly injured in a car accident rushing to the scene of his plane crash and later dies from her injuries. Like all fathers Sully wants the truth for his son and he sets out to find it.  His search for the truth along with that of his town and the nation is not an easy path with clear cut answers, but in the end everyone finds their own answers whether they are spiritual or earthly in nature.


One thought on “the first phone call from heaven Mitch Albom Release Date November 12,2013

  1. Jan says:

    I’ve read everything else he’s written and with the exception of the last one, I’ve enjoyed them all. I wasn’t sure about this one though! I’ll add it to the ‘maybe’ pile!

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