Allegiant and more

Yes I finished Alliegant last week.  I know lots of you want to read it and have not yet so I am going to try to keep this spoiler free, but you may want to not read it yet if you are afraid of spoilers, but first I took a vacation recently and read Sherryl Woods new Chesapeake Shores Christmas story A Seaside Christmas.  This one is available now, it was released in October i think.  It is the story of Jenny whose mother Connie married into the much loved and large O’Brien family when Jenny was a teenager.  Shortly after her marriage she became pregnant and Jenny who already felt as if she’d been replaced by Thomas O’Brien and his family left for college, moved to Nashville after college and never looked back.  Jenny built a career as a respected song writer and fell in love with a famous musician, but when love falls apart and her life becomes the lead story in the press she longs for some piece and quiet and an escape.  Lucky for her Bree an O’Brien but also an old friend and her uncle’s wife, invites her to come back to Chesapeake Shores and create the score for her  new Christmas Play.  Jenny agrees even though she knows it will mean having to mend fences with her mother, in her heart of hearts she knows it is something she should have done long ago.   Jenny’s plans are thrown a curve when Caleb her ex-boyfriend shows up to win Jenny back and prove to her he is a changed man, worse yet Bree involves him in the play as well so now Jenny has to work with him.  Jenny’s return is full of bumps and missteps, but the tale warms the heart and once again we are treated to an O’Brien Christmas.  I was sad when the series ended and very happy to see this story this season.   Now onto Allegiant:  There is much one could say and I could list plot points and such but I don’t want to do that I am sure that many other blogs have already done just that.  I do want to say that I was left feeling that the characters had all found their place in life and new roles they enjoyed, They all seemed settled and if not happy content or accepting of their futures.  I thought the main themes of the book were addressed well and that there really were not many loose ends.  I would have liked to have seen life for some of the characters further on,  For example I would have liked a glimpse into Four’s life when he is a parent for example, but I can live without that, no reader gets everything they want and I’m not sure every writer gets everything they want either.  Overall I thought it was a fitting ending to a great series, are there things I wish did or didn’t happen, yes there always are.  For those of you who have read it what did you think?  Also check back tomorrow for my thoughts on Secrets on Cedar Key which is out tomorrow.


One thought on “Allegiant and more

  1. Of course there are always things you wish had not happened, but Allegiant was just the worst most unbearable ending to a series of books I loved. The conclusion made me hate the entire series for being unmeaningful, in a way, and I fell like the entire journey was for nothing. She could have gotten the same point across by ending it differently. Dissapointed.

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