Secrets on Cedar Key by Terri DuLong Available Nov 26

ImageThis book takes in so many themes and somehow weaves them together beautifully.  Overall it is a story of starting over and forgiving both oneself and others to have a truly fresh start.  All our friends from Cedar Key are back.  This novel features Marin, Dora’s daughter as the focus of the story.  Marin has relocated to Cedar Key after the death of her husband Andrew.  She has settled in to helping her mother at the knitting shop and plans to open up a needle point area and create a seating area as well when the shop expands.  As you can probably imagine the renovations don’t go as planned, and Marin’s carefully ordered life is turned upside down by a letter she receives which moves her life in a new direction and causes her to re evaluate her past and made choices for her future.  Marin ends up in a place in her life she never expected and the sharing the journey with her is enjoyable and thought provoking.  I often found myself wondering if I would make the same decisions if I was in her place.  An enjoyable read that includes the holiday season which I always finds makes books a bit more special, but my family has always been a bit over the top with Christmas celebrations, I remember the year my mom ordered gift wrap to match the theme of the tree, no I didn’t make that up, so the special holiday touch might just be me.  Check this one out a good heartwarming story with great characters and special moments.


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