Heartache Motel Terri L. Austin, Larissa Reinhart, LynDee Walker Available December 10

This is a really neat little collection of interconnected stories.  All of the stories involve the Heartache Motel.  The first story involves an odd assortment of friends who travel together to visit Graceland at Christmas and end up involved in a murder investigation.  It reminded me of a cozy mystery and a little bit of a plum story as well.  The second story is about a card game and high stakes poker, the last story is about a reporter who takes a vacation to Graceland only to be there when the story of her career breaks.  I also loved the dog in the third story who is a calm docile girl, but has barking fits and annoys the other guests while her reporter Mom is out getting her story.  The dog has her reasons, but you’ll have to read and find out.   I loved the fact that the stories all had the motel in them, and also since they were stories it was easy to read one and then go back and read the next, which lets face it with all the holiday things that happen in December is a nice bonus.


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