Holiday commercials and shows

So as we make our way into the thick of the holiday season what shows are you looking forward to watching?  Which commercials make you smile and which ones make you wish you could hit that fast forward button on the remote a bit faster?   I have to admit I really like the commercial where the father and son go into the jewelry store and the son puts down a few dollar bills and some coins and asks to see a piece in the case and dad lets the sales person know he has a credit card.  May-be some day my son will do that for me, or may-be i hope he will and that is why that one gets to me.  I also like the car ad where all the silver cars come down the hill and then at the end there is a red one so in effect it is Santa and the reindeer with cars, and the Budweiser horses always get to me too.  As far as Christmas specials go I love Emmett Otter and Muppet Family Christmas, two oldies but goodies, Olive the other reindeer is a good one too.  On the adult list I like Elf and Christmas Vacation is probably my all time favorite adult Christmas movie, The Family Stone is a good one too.  Feel free to share your favorites and your least favorites if you would like.  I think it is neat that each part of the holiday season resonates differently with each of us. 


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