I Forgot to Remember by Su Meck Release Date February 4th

I really enjoyed this book and lucky me I was able to get an advance copy.  This is Su’s story.  She is making dinner with her family one evening and is hit on the head by the ceiling fan when it falls.  As one would expect the weight of it falling on her causes her to black out and when she begins to get her bearings in the hospital she has no real memory, no long term memory and very little short term to speak of.  I Forgot to Remember is the story of how she rebuilds her life and how her brain injury is both a blessing and a curse.  He story drew me in and i had to keep reading, I had to see what happened next.  On one level Su could be any one of us injured by a common household accident, yet I didn’t really understand how deeply this impacted her life until I read about her days, her plans, the things that happened to her as she raised her children, moved around the country and out of it as her husband’s job dictated and eventually began to pursue dreams of her own.  This is autobiography,not fiction, but I found it a wonderful read.


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