The Tyrants Daughter by J.C. Carleson Available Feb 11th

I loved this book, it flows well, the pacing is great and I love the narrator the “Invisible Queen”.  I think she often does feel invisible and not just because she is a teenaged girl.  Her brother is constantly told he will be king, which makes her at least in her own mind an invisible queen.  Not only goes she have the normal teen issues, first dances, boys, the social groups and rules, but she is a stranger in a new land, she must learn to navigate super sized packaging, junk food and just the pure abundance that America provides.  Let’s not forget that she fled her county after her father was killed, and her new friends have a different view of her father, and in an effort to prove them wrong she reads up on her family and the history of her country at the library which makes her wonder what the truth really is since she can’t make what she reads in the press mesh with her memories.  Her mother is helping the CIA and she must do what she can to help with this project.  The Tyrants daughter is a beautifully told story of finding one’s place in the world and being comfortable with it which means reconciling the past and finding hope for the future.


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