Two good ones out now The Funeral Dress by Susan Gregg Gilmore and Murder of a small town Honey by Denise Swanson

Both these books were good reads.  The Funeral Dress is a touching story of two women who work together in a dress factory.  Emmalee dreams of a better life for her daughter than what she had.  Leona and Curtis had dreams of a family, but those dreams were dashed early on and Leona has never been able to fill the hole in her life, she sees helping Emmalee and her daughter as a way to fill the hole in her heart and help them out at the same time. Emmalee and Leona plan for Emmalee and her daughter to move in with Leona and Curtis but life has other plans for Emmalee which will help her figure out where she wants to go in her life and the first steps to get there.  The small community Leona and Emmalee are part of pulls toghether to help Emmalee start to find her dreams. 

In Murder of a Small Town Honey we have yet antoher cozy mystery series that caught my attention and is one i will be following. Skye Denison returns home to Scumble River despite her disllike for her hometown which she divulged years ago during her valedictorian speech at graduation.  Needless to say her homecoming is a mixed blessing, and soon after her return her brother is charged with murder and Skye invovles herself trying to clear his name.  I loved the characters and the small town feel of this novel.  I also adored the way Skye tells it like it is even when discussing her relatives.  I found her honest voice refreshing.  If you like mysteries with female sleuths or family stories check these out.


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