Tempting Fate by Jane Green Out Now

Gabby is a Mom in her forties and she is feeling all of her years.  On a whim she cleans herself up and goes out with the girls for a girls night out at a local bar.  She is quite taken aback by the scene at the bar, but then she meets Matt who owns a rather well known social media site and is in his thirties, despite the age difference they hit it off and things quickly evolve.  For Gabby having the attention of a younger man feeds her psyche like nothing else has in a long time, and part of her wonders what life with Matt would be like,perhaps she is so drawn to Matt because she would like another child, but she and her husband Elliott could not agree on this point and she lost.  Elliott is dependable, stable and wonderful, but he lacks the excitement she sees in Matt.  A chance encounter between Gabby and Matt will change all of their lives and give them a new perspective.  I could identify with Gabby and her feelings, what woman doesn’t like to be noticed?  Matt and Elliott are both very good men in their own ways, and both are attractive.  I found the characters real, the story flowed well, and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to turn out in the end.  A good read, fans of Jane Green will find this one as good as her others.

The Other Half by Sarah Rayner Out Today

As you may have guessed from the title The Other Half is about a love triangle.  Jamie meets Chloe through work, he works for the publisher of the magazine where she works.  She has a great idea for a new kind of magazine and she tries to sell Jamie on her idea, not only does he love her idea but sparks fly between them.  Jamie it turns out is married to Maggie who is a chef and a food writer, and they have a school aged son named Nathan.  Maggie finds out about Jamie and Chloe and tells him to end it if he wants to come home, but Chloe ends up making his choice for him and Maggie realizes that what she really can’t stand is that Jamie can’t make a decision.  The book is told in alternating viewpoints some from Chloe and some from Maggie.  Oddly Jamie doesn’t get his own chapters we only see him though what he tells the people in his life.  I wonder if he was written that way on purpose to point out that he really isn’t all that important or not as important as he likes to think he is as the case may be.   The characters feel real and genuine and I wasn’t sure how things were going to work out when it was all said and done, but i enjoyed being able to see things unfold and build and change.  If you like stories about women in tough situations give this one a try,

Shotgun Lovesongs Nickolas Butler Out Now

I enjoyed this book, it is the story of a group of friends who end up back the small town where they grew up. Some of them have left to pursue dreams and ended up back home others have kept the home fires burning over the years. They all face challenges and tests and evaluate their lives and choice,yet in spite of their choices they manage to stay together despite the differences in their lives.I felt for these characters as their lives moved around them.  I liked the fact that the characters took turns telling the story but it never felt interrupted or hard to follow.  If you like stories of friendships or small town life or both check this one out.

The Divorce Papers A Novel Susan Rieger Mar 18 2014

I liked this book, not because of the characters or the story although those things did masterfully show us how our personal and professional lives overflow and how we are all linked together somehow if one looks hard enough.  What really caught my eye with this novel was the style it was written in.  The novel basically reads like the file a divorce attorney would keep and the pages contained emails, letters, transcripts, legal documents, and all manner and means of communicating during such a proceeding.  I found the style engaging and creative.  It reminded me of Celia Aherns book where the two friends communicate and tell the story though letters, emails and such, i think it might have been called Rosie Dunn?  The format of this book sets it apart and makes it an even more enjoyable and engaging read.

Red Rising Pierce Brown

If you’ve seen anything about this title you’ve seen it compared to the Hunger Games and other similar novels. This story is also one of rebellion and changing ones life, or choosing a new path when your old one goes away. Darrow is a Helium 3 miner, it is a simple life and at the end of the day he goes home to his wife, until the night they sneak out to look at the stars and his world starts to unravel. As you can imagine Darrow finds himself with a chance to change things and undergoes a radical transformation which will allow him to become part of the society he wants to change, and while the specifics will have to be provided in the other parts of the trilogy for now it seems he will change it from the inside. This first book does an excellent job of setting up the rest of the trilogy. It shows us who Darrow is, where he comes from and also gives us a very good idea of where he hopes to be so he can fulfill his ultimate goals. The story is gripping, this begged me to read it in one sitting which I couldn’t do but i did finish it quickly. Very interested to see where Darrow goes next. If this kind of story is one you enjoy this needs to be on your to read list.

Liv Forever by Amy Talkington Publication Date March 11th

I loved this book.  Technically it is a Young Adult book but I still loved it.  Liv Bloom gets the chance of a lifetime to spend her last two years of high school at a prestigious private school and she jumps at the chance.  Sadly she meets her untimely demise on the campus and there is where our story begins.  Liv’s ghost or spirit knows she did not kill herself even though the school is writing her off as just another scholar ship student suicide, luck for her she has an ally in her work study partner Gabe who can hear the schools ghosts and see them in certain places, yes Liv is not alone.  With Gabe’s help Liv tries to make her case and of course to do it properly Gabe will have to form an alliance with Malcolm Liv’s boyfriend who is you might have guessed it very high on the social ladder and part of the schools secret society called the “Victors”.  Once the trio starts investigating they realize that Liv’s death is only the most recent event in a long standing list of suspicious deaths, but they must find a way to prove the deaths happened and stop them for good.  This book gripped me and pulled me in, I loved the characters and the setting, the plot was well done, and along with Liv’s story we also get the back story on all the other ghosts as well.  In the end it was touching and heartwarming, a story about friendship, choices and creating the life you want.

The Weight of Blood Laura McHugh available March 11th

This one is a bit on the darker side.  It is the story of a family and the small town they live in.  It speaks of promises and hopes and dreams and secrets kept and things buried.  I really liked it.  The story is told for the most part by Lucy and her mother Lila.  Lila vanishes when Lucy is small and during the summer between her junior and senior year in high school Lucy realizes she has more questions that answers not only about her mother’s disappearance but also about Cheri a friend from school who was missing for a year or more before her body was discovered.  During the day Lucy works for her uncle at his store, but at night and on the weekends she spends her time trying to unravel what happened to Cheri and as you can imagine it leads her to more questions about her town and her family.  Despite the sometimes dark subject matter I found the book thought provoking and was left with a good feeling about Lucy’s future, perhaps she will be the one to create a new future for her family.

Kim Harrison’s The Undead Pool Out Now

I know I am late in this post, I blame Barnes and Noble in part because it took them over a week past released day to ship my signed copy to my house, yes i nagged them about it and I don’t get why they didn’t just ship them all out on release day since I ordered it back in January, but that’s the way it is.  Hopefully they will do a better job with the next Dresden Files book which i also ordered signed and is due out at the end of May.  I know you are much more interested in the book than in my saga with Barnes and Noble so here goes.  There are unexplained magical waves affecting the Hollows and the greater metro area, odd side effects?  The master vamps are all sleeping and as children will do when their parents aren’t around all the vamps act out a bit.  Don’t worry David and the pack are doing their best to keep an eye on things, while the normal agencies and Rachel and her gang try to find a cause and a cure.  All of our favorite characters are here, Jenks and kids, Ivy and Nina, Trent and Quen and the girls, Newt joins the party, Al and Trent face off, there is so much fun and excitement in this one, I don’t want to give anything away, but i can say that this story is as action packed and gripping as you would expect and things start to shift which sets us up for the final book in the series, which is going to be long wait for this reader, but I am more than sure it will be worth it and bitter sweet.