Liv Forever by Amy Talkington Publication Date March 11th

I loved this book.  Technically it is a Young Adult book but I still loved it.  Liv Bloom gets the chance of a lifetime to spend her last two years of high school at a prestigious private school and she jumps at the chance.  Sadly she meets her untimely demise on the campus and there is where our story begins.  Liv’s ghost or spirit knows she did not kill herself even though the school is writing her off as just another scholar ship student suicide, luck for her she has an ally in her work study partner Gabe who can hear the schools ghosts and see them in certain places, yes Liv is not alone.  With Gabe’s help Liv tries to make her case and of course to do it properly Gabe will have to form an alliance with Malcolm Liv’s boyfriend who is you might have guessed it very high on the social ladder and part of the schools secret society called the “Victors”.  Once the trio starts investigating they realize that Liv’s death is only the most recent event in a long standing list of suspicious deaths, but they must find a way to prove the deaths happened and stop them for good.  This book gripped me and pulled me in, I loved the characters and the setting, the plot was well done, and along with Liv’s story we also get the back story on all the other ghosts as well.  In the end it was touching and heartwarming, a story about friendship, choices and creating the life you want.


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