The Weight of Blood Laura McHugh available March 11th

This one is a bit on the darker side.  It is the story of a family and the small town they live in.  It speaks of promises and hopes and dreams and secrets kept and things buried.  I really liked it.  The story is told for the most part by Lucy and her mother Lila.  Lila vanishes when Lucy is small and during the summer between her junior and senior year in high school Lucy realizes she has more questions that answers not only about her mother’s disappearance but also about Cheri a friend from school who was missing for a year or more before her body was discovered.  During the day Lucy works for her uncle at his store, but at night and on the weekends she spends her time trying to unravel what happened to Cheri and as you can imagine it leads her to more questions about her town and her family.  Despite the sometimes dark subject matter I found the book thought provoking and was left with a good feeling about Lucy’s future, perhaps she will be the one to create a new future for her family.


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