Red Rising Pierce Brown

If you’ve seen anything about this title you’ve seen it compared to the Hunger Games and other similar novels. This story is also one of rebellion and changing ones life, or choosing a new path when your old one goes away. Darrow is a Helium 3 miner, it is a simple life and at the end of the day he goes home to his wife, until the night they sneak out to look at the stars and his world starts to unravel. As you can imagine Darrow finds himself with a chance to change things and undergoes a radical transformation which will allow him to become part of the society he wants to change, and while the specifics will have to be provided in the other parts of the trilogy for now it seems he will change it from the inside. This first book does an excellent job of setting up the rest of the trilogy. It shows us who Darrow is, where he comes from and also gives us a very good idea of where he hopes to be so he can fulfill his ultimate goals. The story is gripping, this begged me to read it in one sitting which I couldn’t do but i did finish it quickly. Very interested to see where Darrow goes next. If this kind of story is one you enjoy this needs to be on your to read list.


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