The Other Half by Sarah Rayner Out Today

As you may have guessed from the title The Other Half is about a love triangle.  Jamie meets Chloe through work, he works for the publisher of the magazine where she works.  She has a great idea for a new kind of magazine and she tries to sell Jamie on her idea, not only does he love her idea but sparks fly between them.  Jamie it turns out is married to Maggie who is a chef and a food writer, and they have a school aged son named Nathan.  Maggie finds out about Jamie and Chloe and tells him to end it if he wants to come home, but Chloe ends up making his choice for him and Maggie realizes that what she really can’t stand is that Jamie can’t make a decision.  The book is told in alternating viewpoints some from Chloe and some from Maggie.  Oddly Jamie doesn’t get his own chapters we only see him though what he tells the people in his life.  I wonder if he was written that way on purpose to point out that he really isn’t all that important or not as important as he likes to think he is as the case may be.   The characters feel real and genuine and I wasn’t sure how things were going to work out when it was all said and done, but i enjoyed being able to see things unfold and build and change.  If you like stories about women in tough situations give this one a try,


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