Tempting Fate by Jane Green Out Now

Gabby is a Mom in her forties and she is feeling all of her years.  On a whim she cleans herself up and goes out with the girls for a girls night out at a local bar.  She is quite taken aback by the scene at the bar, but then she meets Matt who owns a rather well known social media site and is in his thirties, despite the age difference they hit it off and things quickly evolve.  For Gabby having the attention of a younger man feeds her psyche like nothing else has in a long time, and part of her wonders what life with Matt would be like,perhaps she is so drawn to Matt because she would like another child, but she and her husband Elliott could not agree on this point and she lost.  Elliott is dependable, stable and wonderful, but he lacks the excitement she sees in Matt.  A chance encounter between Gabby and Matt will change all of their lives and give them a new perspective.  I could identify with Gabby and her feelings, what woman doesn’t like to be noticed?  Matt and Elliott are both very good men in their own ways, and both are attractive.  I found the characters real, the story flowed well, and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to turn out in the end.  A good read, fans of Jane Green will find this one as good as her others.


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