The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon April 8 2014

This book was truly unique.  Anna and her father Doug work for the dictionary.  Anna is Doug’s assistant.  When Doug disappears Anna does what any good daughter would do, she tries to find him, and realizes there is more going on than the fact that Doug is missing.  She enlists the help of Bart their coworker to help with her search but when he comes down with the word virus, part human virus and part computer virus she realizes why her father warned her away from technology and left her pills to take.  Anna must figure out the cause of the word virus and the importance of it.  She asks her father’s colleague Phineas and the help of the Diachronic Society to get to the bottom of the virus and find Doug and her search takes her on many adventures.  I loved the concept of this book as well as the way the story was told.  Each chapter has definitions from Doug’s dictionary as   well as foot notes for facts the reader will find useful.


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