Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett Out April 22nd

This is the story of three brothers, their father who is a fisherman and their life in the small town they live in.  Their grandfather has passed away and so has their Uncle Nick.  Their mother died in a car accident and Aunty Jean their Mom’s sister helps by running errands for the family but their home is a house of men without a doubt.  Joe the oldest wants to leave and he plans to as soon as he boat is ready.  Miles the brother who is stuck in the middle wants to leave as badly as Joe, but he feels he must stay and take care of Harry who is much to young to be left on his own with their father.  We learn about the deaths in the family though Miles memories, and we see the present from Harry’s viewpoint.  Harry befriends a neighbor George and his dog who keep an eye on him and give him a place to go when he needs it.  Miles escapes by surfing with a friend or alone, and Joe has the boat to keep him busy.  All of the boys seem to be marking time in their own way until yet another tragedy strikes and they once again have a chance to change things.   I found Harry a loveable character and I could identify with both Miles and Joe and how they felt about their life and their dreams.  I liked the way that the past and Miles memories were woven into the narrative.  If you like family stories give this one a try.

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