One Hundered Names Cellia Ahern May 6th

Kitty is a successful magazine writer who attempted to move into television, but the story and the allegation against Colin Maguire landed her in hot water, now she is suspended from the television show, her print career is in jeopardy and one of her oldest dearest friends is very ill.  To top it off Colin’s supporters seem to be very ardent about leaving Kitty reminders of her mistake with Colin, they cover her steps in excrement, deface her front door and set off 500 fire crackers on her front porch.  None of this endears her to her land lord, but looking for a friendly face she goes to visit Constance her editor and dear friend who is very ill.  During their visit they discuss story ideas they had that they never completed and Constance tells Kitty that she has one called Names and that Kitty should bring the file on her next visit and Constance would explain the story idea to her.  Fate interviewees and Kitty is left to pursue the story on her own as a tribute to Constance, but the only clue she has to go on is the list of 100 names that Constance left in the file.  Can Kitty find out what connects these people and write the story her friend dreamed of, especially when people are leery of her professionally?  As always this is a story that makes you laugh and cry and think.


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