Then and always is Rachel’s story, and it is a beautiful fun story full of friends and good times and the usual not so great times that go along with them.  Rachel, her best friend Sarah, her boyfriend Matt and some of their other friends like Jimmy who has had a crush on Rachel for years but hasn’t said a word, Cathy who has a crush on Matt and is not so quiet about it and a few others go to dinner on the eve of leaving for college.  As fate would have it their lives change forever that night.  Now, now don’t fuss at me for being dramatic, there are things that happen that change all of them that night and to some degree because of that night they have not kept in touch with each other very well so Rachel is thrown yet another curve when she returns to town for Sarah’s wedding.  Her return will cause her to face that long ago night which will lead her on a path that is totally different from her current life.  When Sarah takes a bad fall when she is in town for the wedding she awakes to a room full of friends except some of them are no longer friends and some of them are no longer here.  Rachel and the reader must figure out what is real and what is not.  I was captivated by the story and the way in which it was told.

Then and Always by Dani Atkins out May 20th


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