Breaking Free by Winter Page available now

Breaking Free is the story of Raimi who has had gender reassignement surgury and has moved to a new town to start over with a new life and a clean slate.  Raimi has been plagued by feelings and uncertainly for a long time and she is truly looking forward to a fresh start.  She meets Claire who is beautiful, popular and Brad’s girlfriend.  Brad has a nickname as the beast and it seems to be earned, he is a bully and not afraid to push others around.  As Raimi and Clair grow closer Brad’s dislike of Raimi increases until the three of them are caught in a struggle for power that will leave all of them changed.  Raimi is a likeable girl who knows her heart and after all she has been through while she is at times timid and careful she knows what she wants even if she is cautious about going after it.  Claire has what every girl wants on the surface, but few of us are only skin deep and both girls realize they can be honest with each other and that they need someone who understands.  A touching novel of friendship and choices both easy and hard.




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