Skin Game by Jim Butcher Dresden Files Series Out Now

I’m going to try my best not to give to much away here for those of you that are fans of the series. Mab has lent out Harry and his services to help break into a vault. That is all I will say about the plot, but rest assured this book will not let you down. It has all the action you’d expect, plenty of questions are raised and some are answered and we see many of our favorite characters. I read it in one day but it took most of the day. I will warn you that you may find once you read to a certain point it is very hard or not possible to stop reading until you are done.

I Love you More by Jennifer Murphy Out Now

I Love You More is a  murder mystery but it is also about friendship and families and love.  I know that may seem like a stretch.  Oliver Lane is happily married to three different women.  He is also a father in all three cases.  When his wives find out about each other they begin meeting first out of curiosity but then they truly become friends.  When Oliver is gunned down on his beach vacation with his wife Diana and his daughter Picaso life as everyone knows it comes to an end, but for detective Kyle Kennedy the case will bring more questions than answers.  The story is told from Picaso’s view, the view of the wives, and from the view of the detectives on the case.  I liked the alternating view points and the way you get different pieces of information from each person.  I found the idea of this novel intriguing and the style and layout of the novel kept me reading.


The Walk in Closet Abdi Nazemian Out Now

While this is a story of growing up and creating the life one truly wants, it has a great feel to it.  Kara is in her late 20’s and while she is done college she is still in that life could be whatever I want it to be period and you can almost feel how fun and light her life is.  She spends lots of time with her best friend Bobby Ebadi and his family, often pretending to be more girlfriend than best friend, and life with Bobby does have it’s perks, free rent, designer castoffs from his mother Leila, a great deal on a car from his father Hossein who owns a car dealership, the perks are many.  But as life moves on Kara must decide what she really wants and how she wants to get there.  A moving and fun story about life being what you make it.



Love and Other Foreign Words Erin McCahan Out Now

booksparks banner  I loved Josie from the first page.  She has a quirky sense of humor and wit.  Josie is busy navigating high school and college at the age of fifteen, and as if life isn’t hard enough her sister Kate gets engaged to Geoff whom Josie has issues with and the voyage from Kate’s engagement to her wedding day will test the sisters relationship and Josie’s thoughts on love in ways neither of them could have predicted.  To Josie her interactions with each person in her life happen though her language with them.  So Josie speaks Josie and her friend Stu speaks Stu.  Most of her friends in high school speak “Ohmig*d” and the college kids speak” Ohmig*d 2.0″.  Josie does her best to deal with Jeffrey and Kate’s increasing stress and wedding issues as best she can, but sometimes her efforts fall flat.  The events that lead Josie through her exploration of Love help her find a way to deal with her sister and the world in a new and possibly better way. I found this book touching and heartwarming, and although Josie is young and so are her friends I thought the book easily crossed the divide between young adult and adult readers.

Now I See You Nichole Kear Out June 24th

I really enjoyed this book.  I found Nichole’s narrative touching and funny and honest to a fault.  Nichole is  diagnosed with n college and she slowly changes the way she lives her life as the disease evolves.  It does not stop her in the least from finding love and happiness and having a full life, not one bit, I was silently cheering her on as she tackled foreign travel and parenting which terrifies her since she is afraid of her illness limiting her parenting skills and putting her children in harms way.  As someone who does not have the greatest vision in the world I could identify with her fears on some level.  I found this story uplifting and heatwarming even with it’s heavier moments.  A great read.



Take Stress from Chaos To Calm Dr. Annika Sorensen out now

I do read health and fitness books from time to time.  I studied healthy lifestyles in college so books like this catch my attention from time to time.  I liked some things about this book.  First it takes a big picture approach, second it applies the principles to “Eric” so that you can see real life applications of the information and have a better idea how to use them, and last but not least it is packed with useful charts and other tools to help you find your answers and make changes.  Notice i said find your answers, not use the answers.  This approach deals with stress and stress management in a much more personal way and I found the whole big picture approach an intriguing change from other books of this kind that I had read.  If you have an interest in managing your stress with a new approach or if you think this book might be helpful for someone else you know check out the information and or share it.


The Summer Wind Mary Alice Monroe Out Now

The Summer Wind is the second book in the Lowcountry Summer Trilogy, and I really enjoyed it.  Seems like it would be a great book for the beach or the lake, not that I get to those places much in the summer.  I also have to admit that I often spend a week of the winter in Charleston so I could easily see the area in my mind while I was reading which was kind of cool.  This summer Mamaw is selling Sea Breeze, her  home on Sullivan’s island, and she has asked her son’s three daughters to spend one last summer with her there as they did when they were young girls.  All the girls are half sisters and as such as never been terribly close.  The summer finds Dora dealing with a divorce that has turned her life upside down and left her unsure what her next step should be, Carson will face her own problems by the end of the summer, but by stepping in and helping Dora she is better prepared to follow her heart, and Harper the youngest of the group spends the summer unemployed and wondering what to do next.  Together they will find strength to help each other and themselves while creating memories that will last them a life time.  I missed the first book in this series so I am adding it to my TBR list.



That Night Chevy Stevens June 17th

Toni and Ryan are a typical small town high school couple.  They are looking forward to graduating and starting a life of their own, but those dreams are cut short when Toni’s sister Nichole is murdered and everyone thinks that Toni and Ryan did it.  Life gives them no choice but to follow the rules and serve their time, but once that is done both of them vow to find the truth.  They find that their small town has stayed the same in some ways and changed in others.  As they unravel the past and try to find the truth they must also decide if they still have a life together and if they still want to.  I loved the characters in this story, The characters play a key role for me in the books i read and these guys stayed with me after the book was finished as good characters do.  The story is also told in alternating chapters of present time and the past.  The story encompasses love, friendship, loyalty, family, truth and justice and does it well.

The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee Out June 17

I loved this book. I wanted to devour it actually. It is the wonderful story Portia and her sisters Olivia and Cordelia,her mom was a big fan of Shakespeare can you tell? When Portia was growing up her grandmother owned a restaurant called The Glass Kitchen in Texas and Portia can easily follow in her footsteps. Portia and her grandmother both share “The Knowing” which tells them what kind of food people want to eat before they show up and order. A handy talent for running a restarant, but the knowing is one of the things that cost Portia her marriage so she is determined to ignore it. Portia finds herself in New York in her Great Aunt Evie’s apartment after her divorce and after years of life in Texas she is surprised by how at home she feels. He sisters have sold their shares in the building to Gabriel Kane who is now Portia’s new neighbor. Portia finds herself drawn in by his daughter Ariel and the dynamic between her and Gabriel is fantastic. As Portia’s life begins to blend with other people she can’t get thoughts of food out of her head and life will send her on a winding road before she finds her feet again, but wow is it a great road to travel. This book has it all, wit, wisdom, family, love , hard choices, and fabulous food, there are even recipes which i haven’t tried yet but I plan on giving some of them a try.



Your Perfect Life Liz Fenton and Lisa Stenike Out June 10th

I loved this book ,think in a very loose sense Freaky Friday for adults, but it goes so much deeper that that.  By switching lives Rachel and Casey who have been best friends since junior high literally get to walk in each others shoes and it forces them to take another look at their lives and the choices they have made.  Together they must parent Rachel’s daughters which is a slippery slope some days for even seasoned parents, so you can imagine what poor Aunt Casey goes through on her crash course on Rachel’s life.  Rachel must face some of her own demons by being Casey mostly her fear of failure and finding out if she could really make it in broadcasting, a dream she gave up when she got pregnant in college.  Your perfect life reminds us all that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but once your there it might not be quite as green as you thought, and that life is what you make it.  Your perfect life is perfect for you and you only.  I’m hoping this is the first of many books for the talented ladies I originally met though their blog Chick Lit is Not Dead.