The One & Only by Emily Griffin


I adored this book.  I switched between wanting to devour it so I would know how it all turned out, and reading it slowly so that i could savor it.  Even days later I still find myself thinking about the characters  as if they are friends. And so lets dive into this great book. Shea Rigsby is as you may have guessed from the title looking for her One and Only, but her journey is about so much more than the perfect man, it is about being truly happy with her life and her choices.  Shea is in her thirties and doing that soul searching that most women do at that stage in their lives especially when they are not yet married and wondering if there is more out there for them in life.  Shea has a small close knit group that comprises her world.  Her best friend Lucy Carr, her larger than life father Coach Clive Carr, Lucy’s brother Lawton and Husband Neil and the recently deceased and much loved and admired Connie Carr.  Shea does her best to help her best friend Lucy navigate the tricky waters of life after Mom, while wondering if she will ever have a love like the love Coach and Connie shared.   Shea is young, attractive and a huge football fan, which should give her an endless supply of men to choose from especially in football loving Texas, but she realizes she could stand to upgrade her steady guy Miller, and may-be it is time to go after that dream of being a writer?  As Shea navigates the tough world of jobs and men she finds that some thing seem idea abut aren’t and that true love and family are her One and Only.


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