Your Perfect Life Liz Fenton and Lisa Stenike Out June 10th

I loved this book ,think in a very loose sense Freaky Friday for adults, but it goes so much deeper that that.  By switching lives Rachel and Casey who have been best friends since junior high literally get to walk in each others shoes and it forces them to take another look at their lives and the choices they have made.  Together they must parent Rachel’s daughters which is a slippery slope some days for even seasoned parents, so you can imagine what poor Aunt Casey goes through on her crash course on Rachel’s life.  Rachel must face some of her own demons by being Casey mostly her fear of failure and finding out if she could really make it in broadcasting, a dream she gave up when she got pregnant in college.  Your perfect life reminds us all that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but once your there it might not be quite as green as you thought, and that life is what you make it.  Your perfect life is perfect for you and you only.  I’m hoping this is the first of many books for the talented ladies I originally met though their blog Chick Lit is Not Dead.

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