The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee Out June 17

I loved this book. I wanted to devour it actually. It is the wonderful story Portia and her sisters Olivia and Cordelia,her mom was a big fan of Shakespeare can you tell? When Portia was growing up her grandmother owned a restaurant called The Glass Kitchen in Texas and Portia can easily follow in her footsteps. Portia and her grandmother both share “The Knowing” which tells them what kind of food people want to eat before they show up and order. A handy talent for running a restarant, but the knowing is one of the things that cost Portia her marriage so she is determined to ignore it. Portia finds herself in New York in her Great Aunt Evie’s apartment after her divorce and after years of life in Texas she is surprised by how at home she feels. He sisters have sold their shares in the building to Gabriel Kane who is now Portia’s new neighbor. Portia finds herself drawn in by his daughter Ariel and the dynamic between her and Gabriel is fantastic. As Portia’s life begins to blend with other people she can’t get thoughts of food out of her head and life will send her on a winding road before she finds her feet again, but wow is it a great road to travel. This book has it all, wit, wisdom, family, love , hard choices, and fabulous food, there are even recipes which i haven’t tried yet but I plan on giving some of them a try.




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