Take Stress from Chaos To Calm Dr. Annika Sorensen out now

I do read health and fitness books from time to time.  I studied healthy lifestyles in college so books like this catch my attention from time to time.  I liked some things about this book.  First it takes a big picture approach, second it applies the principles to “Eric” so that you can see real life applications of the information and have a better idea how to use them, and last but not least it is packed with useful charts and other tools to help you find your answers and make changes.  Notice i said find your answers, not use the answers.  This approach deals with stress and stress management in a much more personal way and I found the whole big picture approach an intriguing change from other books of this kind that I had read.  If you have an interest in managing your stress with a new approach or if you think this book might be helpful for someone else you know check out the information and or share it.



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