Love and Other Foreign Words Erin McCahan Out Now

booksparks banner  I loved Josie from the first page.  She has a quirky sense of humor and wit.  Josie is busy navigating high school and college at the age of fifteen, and as if life isn’t hard enough her sister Kate gets engaged to Geoff whom Josie has issues with and the voyage from Kate’s engagement to her wedding day will test the sisters relationship and Josie’s thoughts on love in ways neither of them could have predicted.  To Josie her interactions with each person in her life happen though her language with them.  So Josie speaks Josie and her friend Stu speaks Stu.  Most of her friends in high school speak “Ohmig*d” and the college kids speak” Ohmig*d 2.0″.  Josie does her best to deal with Jeffrey and Kate’s increasing stress and wedding issues as best she can, but sometimes her efforts fall flat.  The events that lead Josie through her exploration of Love help her find a way to deal with her sister and the world in a new and possibly better way. I found this book touching and heartwarming, and although Josie is young and so are her friends I thought the book easily crossed the divide between young adult and adult readers.


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