I Love you More by Jennifer Murphy Out Now

I Love You More is a  murder mystery but it is also about friendship and families and love.  I know that may seem like a stretch.  Oliver Lane is happily married to three different women.  He is also a father in all three cases.  When his wives find out about each other they begin meeting first out of curiosity but then they truly become friends.  When Oliver is gunned down on his beach vacation with his wife Diana and his daughter Picaso life as everyone knows it comes to an end, but for detective Kyle Kennedy the case will bring more questions than answers.  The story is told from Picaso’s view, the view of the wives, and from the view of the detectives on the case.  I liked the alternating view points and the way you get different pieces of information from each person.  I found the idea of this novel intriguing and the style and layout of the novel kept me reading.



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