The Walk in Closet Abdi Nazemian Out Now

While this is a story of growing up and creating the life one truly wants, it has a great feel to it.  Kara is in her late 20’s and while she is done college she is still in that life could be whatever I want it to be period and you can almost feel how fun and light her life is.  She spends lots of time with her best friend Bobby Ebadi and his family, often pretending to be more girlfriend than best friend, and life with Bobby does have it’s perks, free rent, designer castoffs from his mother Leila, a great deal on a car from his father Hossein who owns a car dealership, the perks are many.  But as life moves on Kara must decide what she really wants and how she wants to get there.  A moving and fun story about life being what you make it.




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