Breakwater Bay by Shelley Noble Tuesday July 1st

Meri Hollis has a job as a restorer that she loves, even if the pay isn’t great. She gets to work with her very good friend Carlyn and Doug who is her boss respects her work and values it.  Her boyfriend Peter is on the verge of proposing she thinks and as she turns thirty she feels her life is finally falling into place until it begins to feel as if it is falling apart instead.  The restoration project has trouble getting funding, Peter decides to go to law school and on her birthday her father and grandmother reveal that she is adopted.  As Meri’s world changes quickly she must decide what to do about her birth parents and her adoptive parents as well as her future with Peter.  Alden the friend she has had all her life along with Carlyn become her supports as she delves into her past and tries to define her future.  As she puts together the puzzle of her past she tries to help Alden’s daughter Nora navigate her way to the future she wants.  Meri must decide what defines her and what will make her who she wants to be the past, the present or the choices she makes.  I loved Meri she is a no nonsense kind of girl and she goes about her life very logically it usually serves her well but she is about to be reminded that matters of the heart are not logical or orderly.  A well blended mix of love, family, past and present.








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