After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid Out Now

As you can probably guess by the title this is what happens to a couple after they are married.  To be totally truthful their marriage hits a rough spot and when it does Laureen and Ryan think outside of the box and agree to separate and not speak to each other for a year.  During the year Laureen learns more about herself than she ever thought she would.  She remembers what it is like to stand on her own too feet, she helps her sister take her first steps toward her dream, she watches her brother fall in love and transform his life, she turns thirty and she tries to figure out if she wants to save her marriage and how to do it.  Ryan spends a year doing his own version of the same things that Laureen is doing and then life throws them back together to face their past and decide their future.  I loved Laureen and her family and the book is about so much more than just her marriage to Ryan, it is about her family and her friends and her journey to know herself better.  I loved the way it drew me in and made me laugh and cry right along with Laureen and her family.


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