The Spark and the Drive Wayne Harrison July 15th

This story really belongs to Justin, a guy trying to do the right thing in a rough world. He begins working at Out of the Hole, a garage that rebuilds and improves classic muscle cars as part of his vocational training.  Justin has a four year old sister and a single mom who tends to drink a bit much so his plate is on the full side, but he loves it at Out of the Hole and idolizes Nick the owner.  Nick has a true gift with cars and it shows in his work.  His wife Maryann runs the office and Justin finds his niche while he is there, then his internship ends but he is lucky to be hired back by Nick once he has his training complete.  He notices right away that things are not as they were, Nick is not focused and small things slip by him, Maryann is a totally different woman and he can’t figure out why.  The changes for all the characters force them into new situations and force them to face things they would rather not in some cases.  Justin learns many lessons as we travel along with him, and he is often stuck between right, wrong and in between.  I found Justin to be a narrator with a likeable voice, and while I didn’t always envy him his choices or his life, he and his fellow characters kept me wanting to stay with them.



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