The Young World Chris Weitz July 29th

The Young World is a new comer in the ever popular Post Apocalypse style.  We meet Jefferson and Donna and their friends trying to survive in New York, or what was once New York.  They have cleared a section of the city and they do their best to keep it clean and neat and safe.  There is very limited food, no electricity unless they can find gas for the generators and most surprising of all there are no adults or young children.  Apparently the old and the young have been killed by the virus and only teenagers are immune to it, once you hit eighteen it is only a matter of time until you become ill as Jefferson’s brother Washington shows us.  I have to hand it to these kids though they are tough and creative and Brainbox tries very hard to find a cure.  There search will take them into the main branch of the New York Library and into museums as well. Some of the group live in a hotel and lucky for them there is still a bit of water in the water tank when they need to clean up.  I liked the dynamics between the characters who all want to do the right thing in their own way as long as they can do the right thing and stay alive.  Jefferson becomes the default leader of the group and while he wants to be a good leader he has no idea how to do it, in spite of this he tries as best he can to protect his friends and do the right thing.  I felt for him as he struggled, and I found myself hoping that this group found a way to survive and make the world a better place.




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