The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell Out Now

This is a touching story about a family that seems perfect and is then faced with a tragedy. As you might expect each member of the family handles it in their own way some of them very public some of the very private, but though it all their home is still their safe zone, except that their mother Lorrie’s penchant for keepsakes slowly spirals out of control and as her children grow up and on with their lives they are always astounded at how much the problem seems to grow between visits. It is Lorrie and her problem that keep her children connected to each other although they will go to other towns and other continents to create their own lives yet their mother’s influence is still there. Meg the oldest is very neat and tidy almost to a fault some would say, Beth takes nothing with her when she goes wanting to make both a figurative and a literal head start, and Rory has to find peace for himself before he can be part of anything else. I loved this book and it’s characters, they made me laugh and cry and I could identify with Lorrie since I am a bit to sentimental myself. A great read. I also thought that Lorrie’s increasing concerns about stuff and material things were handled realistically and gently.


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