We Are Not Ourselves Matthew Thomas August 19th

Ed and Eileen are happily married, there son Connell is in high school a bright boy with a promising future when Ed is diagnosed with early on set Alzheimer’s.  As one might imagine it throws their life inot a tailspin.  Ed who is a college professor and loves being in the classroom most of all knows that his diagnosis will take him out of the classroom and so they agree to try to hide his diagnosis for as long as they can, but all too soon Ed is retired and home alone all day while Eileen works full time during the day and tries to keep life in order for Ed at night.  The stress as you can imagine begins to wear her down, but she still sees her husband in fewer and fewer glimpses as the novel progresses.  We see a wife and mother trying to do her best for her husband and her son.  We see her trying to get enough years in so she will have health insurance when she retires, we see a man letting go of his fie as he has know it and we see a son who is trying his best to make his parents happy.  It is only in retrospect as the characters look back that they realize what they had and what they have or might loose.  A touching story of love and life and loss and how the three are so much a part of our lives.


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