Sister Golden Hair by Darcey Steinke October 14th

When Jesse and her family end up in Bent Tree she thinks at first that it will be just another of their stops since their father became a defrocked minister, but Bent Tree ends up becoming Jesse’s back drop as she navigates the world and grows up.  Her brother Phillip adjusts easier because he is younger and her depressed and moody mother has shifts from a 5 to a 1 on Jesse’s scale of what kind of day she is having and what kind of mood she is in.  It is the other people who inhabit Jesse’s world that really make her who she is though.  There is Sandy the young single mom with the hot boyfriend who Jesse idolizes until she she’s more than what is on the surface, there is kind older Mrs. Smith and her friend Jill who lives up the street and becomes her best friend for a time until she isn’t there.  Watching Jesse learn to navigate the adult world along with her friends each of which brings something special of their own to the mosaic that is Jesse is heartwarming and sweet and as one would expect full of bumps along the way.


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