Get Happy by Mary Amato Out October 28th

I loved Minerva from the first pages.  Perhaps because I was a lot like her once, I had a rocky relationship with my dad and my mom spent years not speaking to him or about him and much like Minerva when he re entered my life it caused lots of questions some of which had complex and tough answers.  Luckily for Minerva she has her best pal Fin and they have a new friend Hayes both of which help Minerva figure out who she is and who she wants to be.  Minerva does struggle with her mother often which is part of being a teenager and also I think the struggle between them is made tougher because of everything that is left unsaid.  Get Happy made me laugh, cry and enjoy the ride as Minerva and her friends Get Happy.  I received a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rock Angel by Jeanne Bogino

Rock Angel is the story of Shan and Quinn and their band. I thought the music references that are sprinkled through the book were very well chosen and placed. I liked watching Shan evolve from her tough start to the sweet confident woman she becomes, her life changes parallel the trajectory of the band in some ways. The characters in this book were what kept me turning the pages, but don’t get me wrong I found the whole novel had a very authentic feel to it. Part love story, part life story Rock Angel will stay with you after you read the last words.  Thank you to Book Sparks Fall Reading group who gave me the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.



Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future by Adam Sobel Out October 14th

I don’t review a lot of non fiction, but since I am a resident of the east coast and I have spent many days in New York Sandy was a big part of my life when it happened since it was so close to home.  The biggest storm to hit close to home for me would be Agnes in early 70’s, I was alive but not old enough to have any memories of it.  Storm Surge is written in two parts.  The first part tracks the storm as it developed and  explains the weather phenomenons involved with easy to understand language and detail.  It also details the efforts made to protect people, places and things along the projected path of the storm such as evacuating parts of New York City and closing the subway system.  It also touches on the clean up efforts, restoration and rebuilding.  The second part of the book talks about changes in the weather patterns and how they allow storms like Sandy and what we might be able to change.  Overall I thought the book was through, well organized and clear when presenting the information.  A good book for anyone with an interest in weather or hurricanes.

October 8th is SAVE Day

If you are like me you may be unfamiliar with SAVE Day (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere).  Granted I think that is a tall order for any one person, but perhaps there is something you can do yourself today which would be a small thing, but a great contribution to the overall effort.  May-be talk to your kids about bullying or how to deal with friends who don’t know when to stop.  For the book lovers among you there is an ebook you can buy to help the cause and I will give you the info about that, but I think anything any of us can do in our own small way to help the cause would be great.

Here is the info on the book:  It is called Before the Storm, it is an e Novella that prequels the characters from Stillwater Rising which will be release in November.  You can buy Before the Storm today on Kindle or Nook and you can place an order for Stillwater Rising on Amazon for the book or ebook.  Nook only has a link to paper editions for it as of this morning when I looked.  The really cool thing about getting Before the Storm today is that the proceeds with be donated to KidsPeace which is an organization that helps kids and communities deal with tragic events.  I also want to give a shout out to BookSparks for making me aware of the promotion and SAVE Day.

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The Good Sister Jamie Kain October 7th

When Sarah dies unexpectedly her family and her sisters worlds are forever changed.  Sarah has survived Cancer and is making a life for herself, there is college in her future and she has a wonderful boyfriend, so her family is stunned when she is found dead after falling while hiking with her sister Rachel.  Sarah is the golden good sister who seems to always know and do the right thing, but is she really?  Her death will raise more questions than answers especially for middle sister Asha who was her favorite.  Asha must reconcile the Sarah who was with the sister she idolized.  As Asha learns more about Sarah she realizes that Sarah and Rachel had issues of their own and all the while life is moving on without Sarah.  A touching story of love, family, and responsibility.  Asha is full of teenage quandries which are only intensified by the issues with Sarah.  Her hippie Mom Lena chooses to make sweeping changes in her life and the tragedy reconnects her to her father Ravi, but it is her friend Sinclair who truly helps Asha navigate not only the landscape of growing up, but the landscape of loss and moving on as well.



The Silent Sister Diane Chamberlain October 7th

netgalleyRiley is tasked with cleaning out her dad’s house after he passes away.  Her brother Danny has become a recluse of sorts since serving in the war and he can’t handle helping her.  As Riley begins to ready the house for sale she wonders more and more about her older sister Lisa who died when she was just a toddler.  The more she searches for clues the questions she has and to get to the bottom of the mystery of her sisters life Riley must question everything and everyone in her life.  A touching story about family and hard choices.