The Good Sister Jamie Kain October 7th

When Sarah dies unexpectedly her family and her sisters worlds are forever changed.  Sarah has survived Cancer and is making a life for herself, there is college in her future and she has a wonderful boyfriend, so her family is stunned when she is found dead after falling while hiking with her sister Rachel.  Sarah is the golden good sister who seems to always know and do the right thing, but is she really?  Her death will raise more questions than answers especially for middle sister Asha who was her favorite.  Asha must reconcile the Sarah who was with the sister she idolized.  As Asha learns more about Sarah she realizes that Sarah and Rachel had issues of their own and all the while life is moving on without Sarah.  A touching story of love, family, and responsibility.  Asha is full of teenage quandries which are only intensified by the issues with Sarah.  Her hippie Mom Lena chooses to make sweeping changes in her life and the tragedy reconnects her to her father Ravi, but it is her friend Sinclair who truly helps Asha navigate not only the landscape of growing up, but the landscape of loss and moving on as well.




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