October 8th is SAVE Day

If you are like me you may be unfamiliar with SAVE Day (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere).  Granted I think that is a tall order for any one person, but perhaps there is something you can do yourself today which would be a small thing, but a great contribution to the overall effort.  May-be talk to your kids about bullying or how to deal with friends who don’t know when to stop.  For the book lovers among you there is an ebook you can buy to help the cause and I will give you the info about that, but I think anything any of us can do in our own small way to help the cause would be great.

Here is the info on the book:  It is called Before the Storm, it is an e Novella that prequels the characters from Stillwater Rising which will be release in November.  You can buy Before the Storm today on Kindle or Nook and you can place an order for Stillwater Rising on Amazon for the book or ebook.  Nook only has a link to paper editions for it as of this morning when I looked.  The really cool thing about getting Before the Storm today is that the proceeds with be donated to KidsPeace which is an organization that helps kids and communities deal with tragic events.  I also want to give a shout out to BookSparks for making me aware of the promotion and SAVE Day.

. saveday

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