Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future by Adam Sobel Out October 14th

I don’t review a lot of non fiction, but since I am a resident of the east coast and I have spent many days in New York Sandy was a big part of my life when it happened since it was so close to home.  The biggest storm to hit close to home for me would be Agnes in early 70’s, I was alive but not old enough to have any memories of it.  Storm Surge is written in two parts.  The first part tracks the storm as it developed and  explains the weather phenomenons involved with easy to understand language and detail.  It also details the efforts made to protect people, places and things along the projected path of the storm such as evacuating parts of New York City and closing the subway system.  It also touches on the clean up efforts, restoration and rebuilding.  The second part of the book talks about changes in the weather patterns and how they allow storms like Sandy and what we might be able to change.  Overall I thought the book was through, well organized and clear when presenting the information.  A good book for anyone with an interest in weather or hurricanes.


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