The LIfe changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo Out Now

I am always on the look out for a book to give me new insights into keeping my life in order. That said my house is always a bit messy and it is always a bit cluttered no matter how much stuff I pass on there always seems to be a bit extra around my house, so this book caught my attention. I don’t know that her plan would work for me although it might work much better if I was still single, life and the stuff we accumulate has fewer complications when it is just yours. That being said I found useful information in her book so if organizing is one of your hobbies or your weak spots you might find it worth the read, it is a sparse volume no extras like check lists in this book, but that fits with her ideas. One of the ideas she points out is that we keep stuff in different places and while we organize each spot we don’t get the big picture because we don’t see everything together in the same place. A good example of this might be your medicine cabinet or your bathroom. We all have products in our shower that we are currently using, now I am going to guess that most of us have another bottle of shampoo somewhere else waiting for that current bottle to run out, it is probably the same with toothpaste and razor blades and all those other daily items no one wants to be without. I am sure if I emptied these kinds of items from my linen closet as well as my bathroom when I went through them I would have a much different idea of what I had than if I tried to pare down the two spaces on their own. So I saw value in her idea of put it all together before you reduce, however she recommends putting it all on the floor and I don’t know about you but I have a kid and a cat, the floor is not my first choice of space, I think I would elect the bed, the table or the sofa depending on what room I was working in. There is good advice in this book and I am glad I have new ideas about how to manage my clutter. If these kinds of books are ones you read check this one out.

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