Holiday reads and gifts

I know this post is last minute, and later than I intended but a bug of some sort has taken over my house and turned me into a sluggish creature who takes medicine so she can breathe which makes her want to sleep. I’m doing my best to fight through it but it does get in the way a bit. I recently finished the latest Meg Langslow holiday mystery and it is as wonderful as one would expect, all our favorite characters and that warm small town feeling come through with a dose of holiday sparkle and a holiday project gone awry. If you are a fan of mysteries or Meg check it out. The Nightingale Before Christmas is the title and I believe it is available on a variety of platforms as well as the traditional and much loved hard cover. Sherryl Woods has a holiday Chesapeake Shores novel available. This one deals with one of Abby’s daughters as the main character, I have not read it yet but I am looking forward to it. It is called a A Christmas Bouquet. And surprise surprise when I was checking the title on that one on Amazon I discovered there is another Chesapeake Shores book due out in January. Be surer to check that one out as well. Not that these are the only two authors out there with holiday books. Susan May Warren has Evergreen which is I believe more of a short story but is holiday themed, Denise Hunter is running a holiday special on some of her books as well. If someone on your list has a favorite author check out their site or your favorite book site or store, you may just find the perfect gift. I will be back in January with lots of new books and hopefully be back at 100 percent. Until then may your holidays be merry and your New Year be bright. See everyone in 2015 till then good night.

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