Kids books for the holidays

My almost nine year old has finally discovered the magic of books as you can imagine for me it has been a very long wait, and I tired everything to get him into reading from Calvin and Hobbes to graphic novels, I tried poetry I pestered my librarian friends for suggestions. Finally last year I let him try an e book and like magic the door to books began to open. So in honor of my now book loving son who even Gasp! tells me about the books he is reading here is a list of what he has enjoyed in the last year or so as he has become a reader. Perhaps there is a child in your life that could use a new book for the holidays.

Big Nate was the first choice for reading material. He loves the blend of book and comic strip and he reads the comic strip only Big Nate books just as avidly. Big Nate’s Greatest Hits will be released on January 6th. It is a paperback edition of three comic books that were previously only available as ebooks. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy thanks to the publisher and Leo read it in less than a weekend. I know this one won’t be out for the holiday season but if you have any January birthdays or if you have a child that is willing to wait for it and keep the holiday magic going a couple extra days it is well worth it.

Second on his list would be the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. This year when we watched the Macy’s parade on tv he actually recognized the balloon and thought it was cool. The latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book The Long Haul came out in November.

City of Ember was the first complete series that he read. He watched the movie and is now reading the graphic novel of City of Ember because the movie is based on it. We also had a great conversation about how a book is usually different that a movie. It was neat to see him noticing the differences between the two.

And currently he is working his way through the Percy Jackson books, the first series, by Rick Riordan. A year ago these would have been scary for him but so far so good he is about half way though the first book.



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