A Small Indiscretion by Jan Ellison Out Today

A beautifully done family epic with tragedy and secrets that won’t stay buried.    Annie’s past and future begin to colide when he son Robbie is hurt in a car accident and ends up needing a donor kidney.  The search for a donor and the other facets of Robbie’s recovery will force Annie to remember things she would rather forget and face the impact they may have on her future.    A story with lots of twists and turns, a past best forgotten but brought to light and a reckoning to save the future.  A great read.

Story Thieves by James Riley January 20th

Ok this book was awesome on many levels.  I actually suggested it so I could preview it for my elementary school age son.  I’m not going to tell you how old he is because from what i can tell kids read at different rates and i wouldn’t want you to discount this awesome book.  Imagine you can climb in a book and just hand out in it, for example you can climb into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and sit on the shores of the chocolate river.  Cool huh?  Now image you can jump into the newest book in your favorite series.  That is exactly what Owen gets to with the help of his fellow book jumper Bethany, but once he is standing in for his favorite hero Owen realizes just how much he doesn’t know about his hero and how those things could change the story between the pages.  While Owen is standing in for his hero in a book, his hero is in reality with Bethany trying to save the real world, otherwise the readers will perish and the fates of characters within books won’t matter.  A very well done look at the perks and pit falls of trading places and visiting our favorite fictional people and places.  A great read for the young and the young at heart, now who would join me for a tour of Hogwarts if they could?


Behind Closed Doors by Susan Lewis January 20th

This story is a mix of family saga,the story of a small community and a good mystery so i don’t want to say anything that might spoil it for any of you.  It reminded me of a police drama you might see on BBC, probably because it is set in an English sea side town.  Andee is a police detective and mother of two who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Sophie Monroe, a teenager who has vanished along with her computer and her cell phone.  As time passes and she does not come home and does not contact her father Gavin or her step-mother Heidi the town begins to wonder what happened to her and their hopes of her safe return diminish which is what usually happens with a mystery or a police case.  The characters and the town are what made this book stand out for me.  Andee followed her father into police work even after her sister left home and was never seen again.  Her sister Penney is part of what drives Andee give one hundred and ten percent, but all the characters in this novel seemed like people you might meet the next time you visit you local sea side resort and watching them and the way they pulled together or didn’t as the case may be made the book all that more real and memorable for me.

What is Found, What is Lost by Anne Leigh Parrish Out Now

I loved this sweeping family saga.  As you might suspect from the title which seems backwards at first glance this is a book tat leaves you with much to ponder after you close the cover.  It is a story of family, of mothers and daughters, of choices, and of love and hope.  We start our story with Freddie, formerly Faith who has recently lost her husband Ken, as the pages unfold we are introduced to her sister Holly, her daughter Beth, and her mother Lorraine.  We also get to meet her maternal grandparents Anna and Olaf.  The narrative is engaging and flows well and we travel back and forth from Freddie and Holly and Beth in the present day into the past throughout the book and the flow of the story stays.  I have read books where you jump between times and characters and it makes it hard for the reader, but this novel does it beautifully.  A great read for the beach or a snow day depending on your climate.

The Deadwife’s handbook by Hannah Beckerman January 6th

Who among us hasn’t thought at one time or another what we might want for our family once we were gone? For Rachel who passes away unexpectedly that is exactly what she tries to puzzle out as she watches her family in glimpses from her new home. She sees them grieve, find joy and everything in between. The book is beautifully written and it makes one think in addition to letting the reader feel along with Rachel on her journey as she watches her loved ones deal with grief and putting their lives back together.

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley January 6th

Daisy is no longer in remission and she has limited time to put her life in order. Her biggest worry is what he husband Jack will do when she’s gone, who will cook and clean and keep him organized? Daisy is a bit overly organized and Jack is her polar opposite, how can she leave him here by himself? So in her free time between trying to find a cure and put her life in order she also tries to find a replacement so that Jack will have someone to take care of him, but as time moves forward and the idea of Jack and another woman becomes more and more real to Daisy she must decide if she should focus on the here and now or worry about what will happen when she’s gone. This book made me a laugh and cry and I enjoyed tagging along with Daisy as she does her best to navigate her ever more complicated world.

Against the Country by Ben Metcalf

netgalleyAn emotional ride though growing up poor in Virginia. The narrator takes us through events in his life that vary from sad to funny to irksome and everywhere in between. We see his life from the perspective of both a grown adult looking back and also from the child who experienced the events first hand. I loved the voice and style of this story it drew me in and kept me turning pages.

The Love Book Nina Solomon January 6th

The quirky  friends who all make The Love Book part of their lives don’t realize what they are in for when they start their project but Emily, Max, Cathy and Beatrice will find Love and lots more,  often more than they bargained for on their journey.  Along the way they will deal with life and the things it throws at you such as house fires, fire men, aging parents, exes and much much more.  I loved every step of this journey and felt privileged to be along for the ride.

Uncle Janice Matt Burgess January 6th

Uncle Janice is the story of Janice Itwaru an undercover drug cop with the NYPD, an uncle as they are known in the office.  The story is a beautiful blend of tough street cop grit and warm loving woman who despite her tough job still cares deeply for her family and friends.  At times funny, touching, sad and moving, Uncle Janice is a glimpse into a life few get to see, a real treat.

Golden Son Pierce Brown January 6th

For fans of Red Rising this second novel in the trilogy does not disappoint.   Darrow must take all he has learned at the academy and put it to use in the real world.  He soon finds real life is not just academic and real choices have real costs. This journey is fast paced and Darrow and his friends learn much about themselves and the world.  If you missed Red Rising last year pick it up now and get caught up on this addictive and finely wrought series.   Now when is the next book?