Behind Closed Doors by Susan Lewis January 20th

This story is a mix of family saga,the story of a small community and a good mystery so i don’t want to say anything that might spoil it for any of you.  It reminded me of a police drama you might see on BBC, probably because it is set in an English sea side town.  Andee is a police detective and mother of two who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Sophie Monroe, a teenager who has vanished along with her computer and her cell phone.  As time passes and she does not come home and does not contact her father Gavin or her step-mother Heidi the town begins to wonder what happened to her and their hopes of her safe return diminish which is what usually happens with a mystery or a police case.  The characters and the town are what made this book stand out for me.  Andee followed her father into police work even after her sister left home and was never seen again.  Her sister Penney is part of what drives Andee give one hundred and ten percent, but all the characters in this novel seemed like people you might meet the next time you visit you local sea side resort and watching them and the way they pulled together or didn’t as the case may be made the book all that more real and memorable for me.


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