Story Thieves by James Riley January 20th

Ok this book was awesome on many levels.  I actually suggested it so I could preview it for my elementary school age son.  I’m not going to tell you how old he is because from what i can tell kids read at different rates and i wouldn’t want you to discount this awesome book.  Imagine you can climb in a book and just hand out in it, for example you can climb into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and sit on the shores of the chocolate river.  Cool huh?  Now image you can jump into the newest book in your favorite series.  That is exactly what Owen gets to with the help of his fellow book jumper Bethany, but once he is standing in for his favorite hero Owen realizes just how much he doesn’t know about his hero and how those things could change the story between the pages.  While Owen is standing in for his hero in a book, his hero is in reality with Bethany trying to save the real world, otherwise the readers will perish and the fates of characters within books won’t matter.  A very well done look at the perks and pit falls of trading places and visiting our favorite fictional people and places.  A great read for the young and the young at heart, now who would join me for a tour of Hogwarts if they could?



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