Breaking Sky by Cori McCarthy Out Today

I know some of you are probably a bit tired of hearing about this book but it is out in the world today so let’s talk about it one more time.  I love Nix she is a fighter, not afraid of anything and crazy as well.  She is the kind of teen girl I often wanted to be she grabs life and takes what she wants, or that is what she wants everyone to believe.  She is the top pilot in her elite program and she plans to stay at the top no matter what, but she learns that she may not have the whole picture about the program and about some of her co pilots and friends which is probably fair since they don’t know the whole story about her either.  I loved Nix’s attitude and ambition, but I also liked getting to know her and the sides of her that she didn’t let others see.  The plot and pace of this novel are hold onto your seat intense, the story grabs you and pulls you in.  I finished it the same day I started it and now I can’t wait for someone else i know to read it because I want to talk about it.  I want to once again thank Net Galley and Source Books for giving me a chance to read this one before it hit the shelves.  And I will leave you with something unusual.  Nix talks about seeing the Chapel at the Air Force Academy.  I know there are better picturs out there, but this is a personal shot from a trip I took to Colorado.  Enjoy the picture and the book.


Picture 194


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