Sea of Darkness by Brian Hicks March 24th

Sea of Darkness is the story of the search for the H.L. Hunley submarine that sank during the Civil War.  It took out The Housatonic but was never seen again, for years there were theories that The Hunley and the crew went down with The Housatonic, during the war residents of Charleston speculated that the sub washed out to sea, or that it escaped and was still fighting to win the war.  Clive Cussler was always interested in the story of the Hunley but never expected to find it.  He was a key part of NUMA searches for lost ships, but his search for the Hunley took him in new directions.  Sea of Darkness is told in alternating chapters allowing the stories of both The Hunley and the search for it to unfold piece by piece.  I was able to visit the restoration building for The Hunley last spring and see the sub and the artifacts in person, but I was very glad to read this book because it gave me much more detail and a much better feel for the men of the Hunley and the crew that eventually found her on the bottom and brought her back bringing her story back to life and giving her crew the recognition they deserved.  One would think that finding the sub was the end of  the story but it turns out to be just the start of the adventure as they must figure out how to raise it and keep it intact, they must provide a burial for the crew members and they also must decide who and how and where they will preserve the sub for future generations.  It gave the residents of Charleston a chance to find a piece of their lost history and embrace it agian so they could pass it on.   I want to thank the publisher for giving me a sneak peek of this book.  A great book for fans of submarines, the civil war,sunken ships and Charleston.



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