Skinny Habits: The 6 secrets of Thin People by Bob Harper and Greg Cristser

Another health and fitness book that looks as much at our habits and lifestyle choices as our diets and food diaries. I like the simple and detailed explanations. The one i found most useful was when he took a goal and broke it down and kept breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces each one more manageable than the last, I have to admit I have never broken a goal down into such tiny units, but now I want to try it for myself and see how it works. Another great way to reinforce your current plan or breathe fresh life into it if it has become stale.

Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff Out Now

wishful 1

Jennifer is a very busy lady.   She wonders how the other Mom’s she sees and knows manage to keep everything so organized and on track, as hard as she tries she can’t make this happen in her life. She is raising two sons pretty much on her own except when they spend Saturday night with their Dad an out of work actor.  On top of all her parenting duties such as music lessons and speech therapy she also works at a job where her boss Bill expects her to be there before him and stay later than him every day even though she has children.  Thankfully she has the ever wonderful baby sitter Mollly who helps her fill in the gaps, but when Molly goes back to school and needs to adjust her hours Jennifer begins to wonder if she can be in two places at once and it turns out her phone has an app just for that, or it does once she finds it after loosing it.  Soon Jennifer is jumping back and forth and accomplishing more than she ever dreamed she could but at a huge cost.  She must slow down and figure out what she wants for herself and her sons and decide what is really most important.  A touching and laugh out loud funny look at motherhood and life.

The Job True Tales from the life of a New York City cop by Steve Osborne April 21

In this recollection Osborne allows us to walk through his police career from his first day to his last and many big moments in between. We are with him when he has to notify his first family that they have lost a loved one, we chase bank robbers and sit through stakeouts and watch as he makes his way up the ladder and around the NYPD, throughout the stories Osborne tries to showcase the delicate balance between the physical prowess and the mental fortitude needed to be an NYPD officer and do it well. He made me laugh cry and hope as he revealed snippets of his career. A true inside look at the boys in blue.

The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good by Judith S. Beck, PhD, Deborah Beck Busis Out April 21st

Another in the growing group of diet books that admit that a good part of dieting is controlled by thoughts and feelings not just calories in calories out. I am generally in favor of this trend, and The Diet Trap Solution focuses on our thoughts and behavior and how we can change them to make ourselves more successful in our diet endeavors. The book focuses on the self talk we use to beat ourselves up and derail our efforts, and there are multiple strategies to change our way of thinking and reacting to our mistakes. The book uses the basics of CBT( Cognative Behavior Therapy) to help you retrain your thoughts and reactions. The book also lays the framework for helping you decide ahead of time how you will deal with those things that trip you up, the dounuts in the break room, Aunt Edna’s insistence that you have a piece of cake, your 3 pm slump when you crave sugar. The ideas in this book make good sense and should be easily tailored to your lifestyle to help you be more successful.

The Miracle Girl by Andrew Roe April 21st

Annabelle has been horribly injured in a car accident suffering brain damage and left bed ridden, yet somehow she still manages to communicate with and comfort others, she is soon labeled “The Miracle Girl” and people flock to see her, interviews with her mother Karen air across the country and her father John watches them wondering how their life has become the life it is. Karen has suffered from depression and anxiety for years yet Annabelle’s accident clarifies life for her and she slowly creates her own new normal as she daughter becomes a celebrity and the millennium draws to a close. A look at life, miracles and choices, that will make you reflect and think about the world.

Blushing By Katie Delahanty Out Now

BrideImagine being engaged to someone famous when you are a normal everyday girl. And as if that was not enough to try to get your head around imagine joining him on set for the filming of his movie, but in secret. Welcome to the life of Olivia Bloom who is engaged to the ever hot and in demand Berkley Dalton musician and actor. Olivia joins the crew as part of the costume group while she watches Berkley co star with is former girlfriend Christa. The press is so excited that they are working together again and hopes that is not all they are doing. Olivia will need her pals Blair and Parker and her cousin Amanda aka Boots to help her keep her perspective and her sanity as the days unfold and her life gets more and more complicated. A lighthearted read that warmed my heart and made me laugh smile and cry. A great read for all those places the warmer weather may take you. The beach, the lake,a plane or anywhere else.0F745DAE-E8ED-4C71-B59F-66C15F29C107

Mousejunkies!: More Tips, Tales, and Tricks for a Disney World Fix: All You Need to Know for a Perfect Vacation (3rd Edition) by Bill Burke

This book is out now and just in time for your summer and fall travel plans.  I know lots of people book their Dinsey trips early, we got back about a month ago and are already talking about possibly returning next March, so I get the appeal and the need to think ahead.  This book is full of lots of great tips, some of them I was already familiar with, but to be fair my husband and I went 3 times in 10 years, getting engaged the 3rd trip, then once our son was old enough to do Disney without a stroller we started going again, we have completed 4 trips with our youngest Disney fan who is not yet 10.  I can say our last trip was our first March trip and they are right it is more crowded that our November trips, the weather was hot, hot, hot but we talked to people who vacationed there that same week last year and it was 60’s are rainy.  We had 90 degrees most days, but the evenings were nice.  This book is full of useful tips for new and returning guests, just remember that not all the information will apply to you, just use what you can.  Staying in the park till closing at 11 or 12 is not probably your best choice if you have young children for example, but there will be lots you can use in this book regardless.  I like the fact that it is put together by regular travelers, not that I think there is anything wrong with the travel guides, they were very valuable in helping us when we first went back after our years off, but this book feels more like the advice you get from your friends who have been there done that.  Good Info, well organized and useful, if Disney is in your future check it out.

The Hormone Secret Tami Maragila April 14th

For every woman whose body has changed as she has gotten older this book may hold some answers for you and some strategies to help you be happier and feel better. I liked the scientific approach, the clear explanations and the easy to use advice. I don’t think there is a clear cut one size fits all answer for weight management and a healthy lifestyle I think it is different for everyone, but I do think the more you try to learn and the more attention you pay to your own body the more chances for success you may have.

All the Rage by Courtney Summers April 14th

netgalley  In this gritty novel set in a small town Romy must decide if she wants to tell the truth and pay the price again. Kellan Turner is trouble and last time Romy told the truth about him it cost her friends and got her bullied, but as she hears that Kellan is up to his old tricks she must decide if speaking up once more has to high a price or if she can live with herself if she chooses to keep quiet. The town becomes riveted with her former friend Penny’s disappearance, and Romy thinks she knows more about it, but she has no memories of the night of the senior     bonfire even though she should. When she and Penny both go missing on the same evening and only she is found it will force Romy to deal with her feelings, her past and the way she has been treated. Gritty and engrossing dialog and story will raise hard questions that demand to be answered.

Rumors by A.C. Arthur Out Now

This novel is a beautiful blend of a novel about friendship and love and commitment mixed with a mystery. Ten years ago Landy was murdered in her roommate Tenile’s room. As you can imagine it tore the world Landy’s friends shared apart. Ten years later the group returns for her memorial, even Nathan who hasn’t returned to Tanner since he was accused of Landy’s murder, but never charged. Now as time and her friends have moved on Landy’s murder is still unsolved and her murder may be out there watching. Together her friends once again question what happened and who could have done it and Nathan vows to find answers . A well woven tale of friends, hope and dream mixed with tragedy and questions. This novel must be part of a series because I was left with more questions than answers and wishing for the next book already. Thanks BookSparks for the free copy.


rumors cover